Award? Nomination? Me? Fabulous!

I haven’t got the foggiest what the Liebster Blog award is about or how it exactly works but as far as I can tell it is a compliment…?! So who cares?! I am flattered that Freddie & Cinnamon has given me this nomination…it is my first nomination in… anything!  Thank you so much! XXX.

Liebster Blog Award – instructions:

This award is given to newbie bloggers who have less than 200 followers, who inspire you,  are special to you in some way, and you would like to support.

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Liebster Blog Award Nominees:

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Paleo Works – All the information you need when you are on the Paleo diet aka Caveman diet.

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Hmm, haven’t we all seen this 1, 2 or 10 times before?

To balance out all the posts about the fabulous things, this post is the first in the category ” Things that make you go hmm….”.

How many naked and pregnant celebrities does the world have to see?! The first one was truly fabulous and stirred up the opinions of the crowd. The cover of a pregnant Demi Moore was a huge succes to Vanity Fair and the photography was taken by the one and only Anne Leibovitz. Actually I’m a little embarrassed to even mention Anne Leibovitz in a post that is not about the usual fabulous things. But let me stress – I am a huge fan and admirer of Leibovitz and none of the non-fabulous writings in this post, is pinned on her! I will make amends in a later post dedicated to Leibovitz.

The original picture of Demi Moore taken by Anne Leibovitz

Anyways, since then we have seen Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Christina Aguilera, Nia Long – just to mention a few! And latest in line to show of her belly is Jessica Simpson. What happened to creativity and innovative new ideas?! It is beginning to resemble the moon landings! The first one was really exiting and had everybody’s attention.  The second time the audience dropped and the third time even less people saw the landing because it was pretty much the same all over again. After a while NASA stopped to broadcast the moon landings because the people wanted to see progress and they expected to see something new. And I have to say, it is time for the magazines to do as NASA – stop showing the same and the same again and again! We cannot take anymore pictures of women with huge bellies! Please find a new way to display the pregnant women if you are that eager to show pregnancies. We beg you!!!

Cindy Crawford on the cover of W magazine

Claudia Schiffer on the cover of Vogue

Mariah Carey on the cover of Life & Style magazine

Nia Long on the cover of Ebony

Christina Aguilera one the cover of Marie Claire

Latest in line - Jessica Simpson on the cover of ELLE

Put your hands all over me…

“Love is a game you say, play me and put me away”

-“I don’t really have time for games, but okay then”

Adam Levine in the nude to raise awareness about testicular cancer CLICK the picture....(anywhere you'd like) listen to Hands all over!

P.S The hands are unfortunately not mine
but Adam’s girlfriend, gorgeous model Anne Vyalitsyna.

It’s Danish, it’s fabulous, it’s Designers Remix

Designers Remix Spring 2012

Wow, we just loved Medina’s outfit at the Zulu Awards 2012. A killer dress in yellow (reminding me of my favorite designer Lanvin but this dress is in a much more affordable price range) and a fabulous lilac angora dress from next seasons collection. Designer’s Remix and Charlotte Eksildsen are doing so well and it gets better and better for every season. They might soon take the first place as my favorite high street brand. Check out their website and shop – lots of good offers right now! Go fetch!

Medina on the red carpet in Designers remix

Louis Vuitton on rails

Absolutely fabulous ready-to-wear collection by Louis Vuitton , shown in a very creative and  matching setting at the Cour Carré of the Louvre at this years Paris Fashion week. An old steam engine with Louis Vuitton written on the side in golden letters and models in beautiful hats followed by porters carrying travel bags and suit case – can it be anymore fabulous?

Louis Vuitton train Paris Fashion Week 2012

Louis Vuitton, Ready to Wear, Paris, F/W 2012

Louis Vuitton, Ready to Wear, Paris, F/W 2012

Amazing Newton in Paris

Helmut Newton is one of my favorite artists and photographers and I would love to take a spring break in  Paris March 24, when the first show of Newton’s work is displayed in Paris at the Grand Palais for the first time since his death. The show consists of more than 230 photos. Helmut Newton died at 83 in 2004 when a heart attack caused him to crash his car as he left the Chateau Marmont, in Hollywood.

Bieber with fabulous Karma

If I was going on my sweet sixteen, I would probably think Justin Bieber was fabulous. Maybe, it is because I’ve surpassed the 16th year with 20 plus a year or two, that it wasn’t Bieber I was drooling all over, while watching one of this week’s events. My favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, celebrated Justin Bieber on his birthday and had invited him and his manager, Scooter Braun as guests on the show. Scooter was there to deliver his birthday gift to Bieber, THE fabulous Karma from Danish Henrik Fisker who also is behind designs like the BMW Z8 and fabulous Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage.

The hybrid of a 403 HP gasoline engine that only produces electricity to the battery, this 2.6 ton heavy car can reach 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. The gasoline engine is optional as it can be deactivated on the drivers display. However in Denmark, we hope for an optional edition where the gasoline engine by default is deactivated, as it otherwise isn’t likely to be approved by Danish Tax services as an electric vehicle. In Denmark that will in terms of price make a huge difference. As an electric car, the Fisker Karma will be priced app DKK 829.00 ($148.000) and as a hybrid car a staggering DKK 2.200.000 ($391.100). The Fisker Karma has a unique exterior design and is of course available with the most luxurious interior as well and you can choose from a range of tree and leather cabins. OR you could also go with the EcoChic version where all interior is made from 100% recyclable non animal materials and you can enjoy the ride with good caution to the environment. So if you live in Denmark, the slogan of the commercial “Designed to get you hot, not the planet” will be the selling argument because unless you have a bank account with DKK 2.2 mill in spendable cash, you should get this car for the fabulous design and sustainable thoughts behind it – not the rush you normally would feel from the kickdown!

I don’t about you but I can definitely see myself cruising in this baby. But I think the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old kid who’s biggest fans are girls with nail polish, fashion and boys on their mind….by second thought that was not a valid argument. Let me rephrase that, I think that the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old boy whose biggest fans still ride their bicycles. No, that was not a good either… I think, that the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old boy whose biggest fans are girls who still haven’t got their driver’s license. There, that must be my best argument. Truth is, I’m so jealous –  I want that car….! Congratulations to Justin Bieber…you lucky brat!

The fabulous first lady of the movies goes eco!

Oh she so deserves this 3rd Oscar award and she is without any doubt the greatest and most talented living female actress. Mary Louise Streep has played numerous parts and proved that she can take on any character and make it believable, whether she’d be singing Mamma Mia, resembling the spirited Clara de Valle Trueba, or portraying the character of the infamous Anna Wintour. Wearing Lanvin’s first-ever eco-friendly gown for the 84th Academy Awards, Meryl Streep oozed elegance, format and class in the lavish gold draped gown – no spaghetti arms or toothpick shaped legs was shown off to draw attention here! She looked as the most obvious choice for an Oscar at this annual academy show, which in achievements had nothing spectacular to offer besides the impeccable Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards 2012 in Lanvin's first-ever eco gown

We adore Meryl Streep and we are only a little sad that the films mentioned mostly in relation to Meryl, are Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs Kramer, which of course both are fabulous classical movies for which she won her two previous Oscar statuettes. But it would be such a mistake not to recall some of the other spectacular roles and films that she has carried through. So for your next rainy day, enjoy Meryl in some of these fabulous movies. We congratulate the first lady with her 4th Oscar statuette and unlike herself, we believe that she is very likely to be in an Oscar moment again in the years to come!