The fabulous first lady of the movies goes eco!

Oh she so deserves this 3rd Oscar award and she is without any doubt the greatest and most talented living female actress. Mary Louise Streep has played numerous parts and proved that she can take on any character and make it believable, whether she’d be singing Mamma Mia, resembling the spirited Clara de Valle Trueba, or portraying the character of the infamous Anna Wintour. Wearing Lanvin’s first-ever eco-friendly gown for the 84th Academy Awards, Meryl Streep oozed elegance, format and class in the lavish gold draped gown – no spaghetti arms or toothpick shaped legs was shown off to draw attention here! She looked as the most obvious choice for an Oscar at this annual academy show, which in achievements had nothing spectacular to offer besides the impeccable Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards 2012 in Lanvin's first-ever eco gown

We adore Meryl Streep and we are only a little sad that the films mentioned mostly in relation to Meryl, are Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs Kramer, which of course both are fabulous classical movies for which she won her two previous Oscar statuettes. But it would be such a mistake not to recall some of the other spectacular roles and films that she has carried through. So for your next rainy day, enjoy Meryl in some of these fabulous movies. We congratulate the first lady with her 4th Oscar statuette and unlike herself, we believe that she is very likely to be in an Oscar moment again in the years to come!

25 years and still the worlds greatest pop artist

Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987. In other words, 25 years ago, the famous man who had famously written his own script finally had it taken away. The creator of the Campell Soup Can and the famous silk screens is still some of the most sold pop art – so popular that today anyone can make their own Warhol-look-a-like with a Mac. We love Andy Warhol and his immortality.

Andy Warhol - self portrait in orange

 “I never understood why when you died, you didn’t just vanish, everything could just keep going on the way it was, only you just wouldn’t be there”  by Andy Warhol

Chico Baldini’s fabulous drawings and beautiful paintings

I know, that I wrote in my last post that I would tell about the party I attended in the weekend. It was a fabulous party – that’s all you need to know! Besides I have found something that I think will be of much more interest than reading about how I got my hangovers!

Instagram is pretty new to me but it has already become my new time snatcher. I love watching the world through the eyes of another person – it is like a frozen second of time seen through a creative mind and space. I can spend a lot of time watching all the creative images, thinking about why the person behind the profile chose exactly that image with that combination of colors or props and accessories. Of course there is also a lot of crap at Instagram but since this page is all about fabulous things I will leave them out of this post.

However, it didn’t take long before some exquisite and absolutely fabulous drawings got my attention. The simple and yet distinctive lines in black and white telling a complex story of fantasies and real life, leaves me calm and in an almost zen-like-state-of-mind. I can watch these drawings for hours.

Owl by Chico Baldini

Inside someone's mind by Chico Baldini

Freedom in someone's mind by Chico Baldini

I don’t know much about the artist as there is very little information about the profiles on Instagram. The only information is a web address in which most of the information about the artist is in Portuguese. Unfortunately my Portuguese is a tad rusty….! So the information about the artist, I have been able to retrieve, is with a little help from Google translate. However most of the blog posts on the web address are also translated into English and they will give you an insight to Chico Baldini’s work process and studio. On the web page I also found that Chico does paintings with a magnificent color palette and composition, giving his paintings an amazing light and depth which will allow you to float into the many layers. Remember I have only seen Chico’s work on the web, so I can only imagine what thrill it must be to be standing in front of the real paintings.

Cabeza Azteca by Chico Baldini

La Petite Reine by Chico Baldini

Chico Baldini is born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1976. He has worked as an illustrator since 2000 and is also a typeface designer, multimedia designer as well as founding partner at W3Haus. Chico Baldini has studied at The Art Institute of UFRGS  and at Parsons new School of Design, New York.

The artist

Chico Baldini describes his works as bubbly motions of his visual thoughts of the conscious and sub-conscious. As thoughts that have come to life when travelling, working or passing time, and then combined with the images that he recollects from his childhood and the repertoire of artists that have been an influence. Chico mentions among others Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Picasso and George Grosz as big influencers. To me some of Chico’s works also remind me of Walasse Ting and also a hint of the famous deceased Danish ceramist and painter Björn Wiinblad. But let me stress that I find Chico’s work much more interesting and my taste.

I hope that the world will see much more of this fabulous artist and personally, I can only hope that Chico someday will exhibit in Copenhagen or at least in Europe. Otherwise I will have to go to Brazil which of course also is a very fabulous thought! Right now I am awaiting Chico’s response on my request where to buy his work online. I will let you know when or if he gets back!

Go visit the webpage and I really hope you will enjoy these fabulous drawings and paintings and that you will feel like me – your time is well spent.  Have a fabulous day!

Fashion for fashion’s sake

So today I’m heading towards Jutland to celebrate my gorgeous friend’s 40 years birthday along with 40 fabulous women. But that is not really what this post is about – more about the weekend on Monday.

No this post is about fashion and a bad observation in the train this morning. Sitting across a woman who is dressed very fashionable in a Montclair winter jacket, russian fur hat and shiny black tights, some very cool boots that I couldn’t recognize brandwise – and on her arm a fabulous Miu Miu handbag. Now here comes the part that makes you go hmmm…! The lady was at least 70+!! Pardon me – I love fashion and I it is great to see that older women has an interest in fashion but come on?! Who wears pleather pants when they are retired and grandparents??? Let me rephrase that, WHO wears pleather pants?!?

My point is fashion is fabulous but dress your age lady – the rest of us has to look at it!!

I actually took a picture of her in the train but I’m to afraid to post it. Dressed like that she’s probably on Facebook, hipstagram and Twitter as well and dating some hardcore bodybuilder… You will have to imagine this one for yourself which probably will be a much more pleasant experience that won’t burn your eyes like it did to mine. However it did make me laugh… So I guess, there is a good flipside to the bad!!

Dress fabulous this weekend!

Paleo diet – how I got taller without putting on my Loubies!

Paleo diet foodlist

When 2012 began, I decided it was time to lose some weight, so I started researching on diets and decided that the Paleo diet was going to be my new best friend. As I have written in an earlier post it was a little tough the first few days without the starchy carbs but it was only the first week and it has been easy since then.

In January I skipped alcohol and I had no cheat days. I worked out 5-6 times a week for couple of hours every time (still do) with different cardio routines (thread mill, elliptical machine, stair climber and rowing machine) and every other day strength (kettlebells and crosstraining) and weightlifting with dumbbells. When we hit February I loosened up and allowed myself to have a few glasses of red and some cheese during the weekends but otherwise I have kept to the diet and the workouts.

After the first two weeks, I was a little disappointed because even though I felt a change in my body and muscle mass, the weight count didn’t move as fast as I wanted. So after one and a half week, I decided to drop my morning routine with the weight watching and stop focusing on the depressing numbers.

When I started I was a really bad runner – only running 5 km in 40 minutes and afterwards I was about as blue as a smurf and sounded like a steam locomotive. My spaghetti arms could lift about 2 x 6 kilos in shoulderpress when using the dumbbells, 10 pushups, barely 30 sec of plank and only 2 x 4 kilos in breast/flyes.

Now six and a half week later, I feel a huge difference in my workouts. I run 10 kilometers in app. an hour. I do 2 x 10 kilos in shoulderpress, 46 pushups, 3,5 minutes plank with leg lift and 2 x 9 kilos in flyes!

Today I broke my record in running – 10 kilometers in 54. 32 – whoop whoop!!! So my curiosity won me over and I asked the instructor at FitnessWorld to measure my weight and BMI. Holy mother camel – I have lost 6,5 kilos and my BMI has gone from 26 to 22!! I was so surprised and extremely happy. Actually I thought I was as happy as I could be until the instructor, whom I otherwise never talk to, asked me whether I was training to be in a competition because he had noticed ‘a huge difference’ (as he said it) and he was impressed about my workout routines.  I don’t know if he said it just to be nice – but it really made my day and I felt like the five inches taller I’ve always wanted to be, when I left the gym.

Maybe you think that the weightloss has been due to the workouts but I’m pretty confident that I would have lost a lot more weight if I hadn’t been working out, as the increase in muscle mass weigh a lot more than the fat I was carrying around. But of course my newly achieved strength is definitely due to the workouts.

I’m still losing weight, getting stronger and feel energetic, so I’m definitely sticking to my friend the Paleo and will continue to do my workouts. But I will also continue my cheating with wine and cheese in the weekends, and if I go to have dinner at my friends I won’t require special treatments. No need to be a fanatic – it is all about finding the right balance. But if you need to lose some weight I can surely recommend the Paleo diet. And for the ladies, this will be the recipe to feel taller and more fabulous without putting on your Loubies!!

If you want to know more about the Paleo Diet there are lots of information on the web without you having to buy the book and I can recommend a blog here at wordpress called Paleo Works. It has tons of information about Paleo lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?! I promise you – you will feel fabulous, I know I do!
Have an awesome day!

Give love every day – not just because it’s #Valentine’s day!

World of love

Just a little note in the name of Valentine’s day. Of course, it is wonderful that people all around the world celebrate and cheer Valentine’s day with their loved ones. But on the other hand, love should be a something you give or receive every day – all year! Even if you are single…like me! By that I don’t mean that you should buy or get flowers, chocolate or gifts every day. But give a little love every day to people you either know, want to get to know or don’t know!! A little love can be disguised in a smile, a helping hand to the old lady who lives in your building, tell your best friend that you are happy that he or she is in your life, let the guy in the park know that you think his dog is cute – whatever! Just do something else that will make another person smile. I promise you that it will also make you smile, even more. Remember the unexpected gift of love is always better than commercial love!

Spread love and the world is fabulous
– happy Valentine’s day!

Northern Women in @CHANEL – Farago exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark

In 2010 and 2011 the photographers Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz Farago collaborated with CHANEL in creating 45 fashion stories featuring 45 of the most sought-after top models from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The project has resulted in a fabulous coffee table book and a photography exhibition entitled NORTHERN WOMEN IN CHANEL and can be seen at Designmuseum Denmark from 1st feb until 8th April 2012.

Northern Women in CHANEL

Northern Women in CHANEL by Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz Farago

Freja Beha Erichsen, Helena Christensen, Carmen Kass are just some of the women portrayed in the project. The models have been carefully chosen to represent an aestethic flair for fashion but also a desire to convey a sense of humanity. Profits from sales of the book are donated to the organisation Save The Children.

The images allow us to take an exclusive and intimate insight into the significant past and present Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter collections created by Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL as well as the brand’s fine jewelry and beauty creations. The series of images are accompanied by a preface by Karl Lagerfeld in celebration of these Northern heroines.

For the exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark, Northern women in CHANEL has been enriched with a suite of black and white portraits of the participating models, delicate intimate moments captured by the photographers. These photographs will be published in a new  exclusive edition entitled ‘Bare Moments’ and is limited to 100 individually hand numbered copies worldwide, each signed by Peter Farago & Ingela Klemetz Farago. ‘Bare Moments’ comes together with Northern Women in CHANEL as a 2 volume Exclusive Collector’s Edition, in a cloth slipcase.

Bare Moments by Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz Farago

Go see it at Designmuseum Denmark from 1st Feb until 8th April 2012.

A new Coke Diet Design – this time from fabulous designer Diane Von Furstenberg @dvf

Alberta Ferretti, Marni, MissoniVersace, Lagerfeld and Patricia Field are just some of the top designers that through the years have made their mark on the Coke Diet bottles. Next to follow their example is one of our favorite designers Diane Von Furstenberg. We love the bottles just as much as the new fall line presented yesterday at the Mercedes Fashion Show at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park. Unfortunately the speciel edition can only be purchased in the US. So enjoy the delicious bottles here – we heart the new design!

Coke Diet design by Diane Von Furstenberg

Fabulous Coke Diet design by Diane Von Furstenberg


Box with 4 bottles

Box with 4 bottles from Diane Von Furstenberg