True friends are fabulous friends!

I love my friends! They are truly fabulous and I am so blessed to have so wonderful people in my life. Do you ever think about how lucky you are to have the friends you have? Do you ever stop to consider why they care and why they chose you to be their friend?

I hope that my friends chose to be friends with me because they see me as honest, trustworthy and hopefully, just a little bit fun to hang out with! I hope they know, that I anytime will listen to their problems without prejudice but with empathy and compassion, and that I will fight for them and their causes. But most of all, I hope that they know I’ll be there whenever and whereever they need me . My friends are my family!


Friends - treasure every moment with them


2 thoughts on “True friends are fabulous friends!

  1. Thanks for your thoughts about friendship. I consider my self lucky to have you as my friend, since you are very fun to hang out with! Have a wide perspective, a sharp mind and a truthfull and direct way of expressing yourself. But most of all because you are loving, good at listening and because you are you!

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