Bieber with fabulous Karma

If I was going on my sweet sixteen, I would probably think Justin Bieber was fabulous. Maybe, it is because I’ve surpassed the 16th year with 20 plus a year or two, that it wasn’t Bieber I was drooling all over, while watching one of this week’s events. My favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, celebrated Justin Bieber on his birthday and had invited him and his manager, Scooter Braun as guests on the show. Scooter was there to deliver his birthday gift to Bieber, THE fabulous Karma from Danish Henrik Fisker who also is behind designs like the BMW Z8 and fabulous Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage.

The hybrid of a 403 HP gasoline engine that only produces electricity to the battery, this 2.6 ton heavy car can reach 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. The gasoline engine is optional as it can be deactivated on the drivers display. However in Denmark, we hope for an optional edition where the gasoline engine by default is deactivated, as it otherwise isn’t likely to be approved by Danish Tax services as an electric vehicle. In Denmark that will in terms of price make a huge difference. As an electric car, the Fisker Karma will be priced app DKK 829.00 ($148.000) and as a hybrid car a staggering DKK 2.200.000 ($391.100). The Fisker Karma has a unique exterior design and is of course available with the most luxurious interior as well and you can choose from a range of tree and leather cabins. OR you could also go with the EcoChic version where all interior is made from 100% recyclable non animal materials and you can enjoy the ride with good caution to the environment. So if you live in Denmark, the slogan of the commercial “Designed to get you hot, not the planet” will be the selling argument because unless you have a bank account with DKK 2.2 mill in spendable cash, you should get this car for the fabulous design and sustainable thoughts behind it – not the rush you normally would feel from the kickdown!

I don’t about you but I can definitely see myself cruising in this baby. But I think the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old kid who’s biggest fans are girls with nail polish, fashion and boys on their mind….by second thought that was not a valid argument. Let me rephrase that, I think that the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old boy whose biggest fans still ride their bicycles. No, that was not a good either… I think, that the Fisker Karma is totally wasted on an 18 year old boy whose biggest fans are girls who still haven’t got their driver’s license. There, that must be my best argument. Truth is, I’m so jealous –  I want that car….! Congratulations to Justin Bieber…you lucky brat!