The fabulous first lady of the movies goes eco!

Oh she so deserves this 3rd Oscar award and she is without any doubt the greatest and most talented living female actress. Mary Louise Streep has played numerous parts and proved that she can take on any character and make it believable, whether she’d be singing Mamma Mia, resembling the spirited Clara de Valle Trueba, or portraying the character of the infamous Anna Wintour. Wearing Lanvin’s first-ever eco-friendly gown for the 84th Academy Awards, Meryl Streep oozed elegance, format and class in the lavish gold draped gown – no spaghetti arms or toothpick shaped legs was shown off to draw attention here! She looked as the most obvious choice for an Oscar at this annual academy show, which in achievements had nothing spectacular to offer besides the impeccable Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards 2012 in Lanvin's first-ever eco gown

We adore Meryl Streep and we are only a little sad that the films mentioned mostly in relation to Meryl, are Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs Kramer, which of course both are fabulous classical movies for which she won her two previous Oscar statuettes. But it would be such a mistake not to recall some of the other spectacular roles and films that she has carried through. So for your next rainy day, enjoy Meryl in some of these fabulous movies. We congratulate the first lady with her 4th Oscar statuette and unlike herself, we believe that she is very likely to be in an Oscar moment again in the years to come!

Fashion for fashion’s sake

So today I’m heading towards Jutland to celebrate my gorgeous friend’s 40 years birthday along with 40 fabulous women. But that is not really what this post is about – more about the weekend on Monday.

No this post is about fashion and a bad observation in the train this morning. Sitting across a woman who is dressed very fashionable in a Montclair winter jacket, russian fur hat and shiny black tights, some very cool boots that I couldn’t recognize brandwise – and on her arm a fabulous Miu Miu handbag. Now here comes the part that makes you go hmmm…! The lady was at least 70+!! Pardon me – I love fashion and I it is great to see that older women has an interest in fashion but come on?! Who wears pleather pants when they are retired and grandparents??? Let me rephrase that, WHO wears pleather pants?!?

My point is fashion is fabulous but dress your age lady – the rest of us has to look at it!!

I actually took a picture of her in the train but I’m to afraid to post it. Dressed like that she’s probably on Facebook, hipstagram and Twitter as well and dating some hardcore bodybuilder… You will have to imagine this one for yourself which probably will be a much more pleasant experience that won’t burn your eyes like it did to mine. However it did make me laugh… So I guess, there is a good flipside to the bad!!

Dress fabulous this weekend!