Paleo diet – how I got taller without putting on my Loubies!

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When 2012 began, I decided it was time to lose some weight, so I started researching on diets and decided that the Paleo diet was going to be my new best friend. As I have written in an earlier post it was a little tough the first few days without the starchy carbs but it was only the first week and it has been easy since then.

In January I skipped alcohol and I had no cheat days. I worked out 5-6 times a week for couple of hours every time (still do) with different cardio routines (thread mill, elliptical machine, stair climber and rowing machine) and every other day strength (kettlebells and crosstraining) and weightlifting with dumbbells. When we hit February I loosened up and allowed myself to have a few glasses of red and some cheese during the weekends but otherwise I have kept to the diet and the workouts.

After the first two weeks, I was a little disappointed because even though I felt a change in my body and muscle mass, the weight count didn’t move as fast as I wanted. So after one and a half week, I decided to drop my morning routine with the weight watching and stop focusing on the depressing numbers.

When I started I was a really bad runner – only running 5 km in 40 minutes and afterwards I was about as blue as a smurf and sounded like a steam locomotive. My spaghetti arms could lift about 2 x 6 kilos in shoulderpress when using the dumbbells, 10 pushups, barely 30 sec of plank and only 2 x 4 kilos in breast/flyes.

Now six and a half week later, I feel a huge difference in my workouts. I run 10 kilometers in app. an hour. I do 2 x 10 kilos in shoulderpress, 46 pushups, 3,5 minutes plank with leg lift and 2 x 9 kilos in flyes!

Today I broke my record in running – 10 kilometers in 54. 32 – whoop whoop!!! So my curiosity won me over and I asked the instructor at FitnessWorld to measure my weight and BMI. Holy mother camel – I have lost 6,5 kilos and my BMI has gone from 26 to 22!! I was so surprised and extremely happy. Actually I thought I was as happy as I could be until the instructor, whom I otherwise never talk to, asked me whether I was training to be in a competition because he had noticed ‘a huge difference’ (as he said it) and he was impressed about my workout routines.  I don’t know if he said it just to be nice – but it really made my day and I felt like the five inches taller I’ve always wanted to be, when I left the gym.

Maybe you think that the weightloss has been due to the workouts but I’m pretty confident that I would have lost a lot more weight if I hadn’t been working out, as the increase in muscle mass weigh a lot more than the fat I was carrying around. But of course my newly achieved strength is definitely due to the workouts.

I’m still losing weight, getting stronger and feel energetic, so I’m definitely sticking to my friend the Paleo and will continue to do my workouts. But I will also continue my cheating with wine and cheese in the weekends, and if I go to have dinner at my friends I won’t require special treatments. No need to be a fanatic – it is all about finding the right balance. But if you need to lose some weight I can surely recommend the Paleo diet. And for the ladies, this will be the recipe to feel taller and more fabulous without putting on your Loubies!!

If you want to know more about the Paleo Diet there are lots of information on the web without you having to buy the book and I can recommend a blog here at wordpress called Paleo Works. It has tons of information about Paleo lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?! I promise you – you will feel fabulous, I know I do!
Have an awesome day!