Chico Baldini’s fabulous drawings and beautiful paintings

I know, that I wrote in my last post that I would tell about the party I attended in the weekend. It was a fabulous party – that’s all you need to know! Besides I have found something that I think will be of much more interest than reading about how I got my hangovers!

Instagram is pretty new to me but it has already become my new time snatcher. I love watching the world through the eyes of another person – it is like a frozen second of time seen through a creative mind and space. I can spend a lot of time watching all the creative images, thinking about why the person behind the profile chose exactly that image with that combination of colors or props and accessories. Of course there is also a lot of crap at Instagram but since this page is all about fabulous things I will leave them out of this post.

However, it didn’t take long before some exquisite and absolutely fabulous drawings got my attention. The simple and yet distinctive lines in black and white telling a complex story of fantasies and real life, leaves me calm and in an almost zen-like-state-of-mind. I can watch these drawings for hours.

Owl by Chico Baldini

Inside someone's mind by Chico Baldini

Freedom in someone's mind by Chico Baldini

I don’t know much about the artist as there is very little information about the profiles on Instagram. The only information is a web address in which most of the information about the artist is in Portuguese. Unfortunately my Portuguese is a tad rusty….! So the information about the artist, I have been able to retrieve, is with a little help from Google translate. However most of the blog posts on the web address are also translated into English and they will give you an insight to Chico Baldini’s work process and studio. On the web page I also found that Chico does paintings with a magnificent color palette and composition, giving his paintings an amazing light and depth which will allow you to float into the many layers. Remember I have only seen Chico’s work on the web, so I can only imagine what thrill it must be to be standing in front of the real paintings.

Cabeza Azteca by Chico Baldini

La Petite Reine by Chico Baldini

Chico Baldini is born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1976. He has worked as an illustrator since 2000 and is also a typeface designer, multimedia designer as well as founding partner at W3Haus. Chico Baldini has studied at The Art Institute of UFRGS  and at Parsons new School of Design, New York.

The artist

Chico Baldini describes his works as bubbly motions of his visual thoughts of the conscious and sub-conscious. As thoughts that have come to life when travelling, working or passing time, and then combined with the images that he recollects from his childhood and the repertoire of artists that have been an influence. Chico mentions among others Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Picasso and George Grosz as big influencers. To me some of Chico’s works also remind me of Walasse Ting and also a hint of the famous deceased Danish ceramist and painter Björn Wiinblad. But let me stress that I find Chico’s work much more interesting and my taste.

I hope that the world will see much more of this fabulous artist and personally, I can only hope that Chico someday will exhibit in Copenhagen or at least in Europe. Otherwise I will have to go to Brazil which of course also is a very fabulous thought! Right now I am awaiting Chico’s response on my request where to buy his work online. I will let you know when or if he gets back!

Go visit the webpage and I really hope you will enjoy these fabulous drawings and paintings and that you will feel like me – your time is well spent.  Have a fabulous day!