The raw cacao movement!

Before the new year began, I decided that my resolution would be a change in lifestyle – better and healthier food, less alcohol, meditation and more exercise. While searching for diets, change in eating habits I couldn’t avoid the raw food diets and supplements. The raw diet doesn’t sound appealing to me in general but decided to give a few of the products a try. I started out with the weed grass shots and raw chocolate nibs having heard that it was oh-so-delicious and very addictive.  About the weed grass I only have one thing to say –  I prefer my weed in cone not a glass!  The experience with the nibs was very…odd I think is the right word. It was a very bitter experience, crunchy like a coffee bean and somewhere in a very distant taste bud there was a hint of a cacao note. The first reaction was to crunch the face and wrinkle the nose and there was agreement from the present company, that raw cacao nibs were highly overrated. However, not many minutes went by before we had to try again and again and again. Oh my god, they really are addictive!! Like when you taste your first cigarette and it taste like s**t but somehow you find yourself with a cigarette in your hand 20 years later – or maybe that’s just me!

Nibs are my new fabulous yummy delicious snack and I can even enjoy it with a good conscience!! The raw cacao bean is stuffed with antioxidants and minerals (magnesium, caalcium and iron). Don’t get scared about the calorie consumption eventhough the nutrients information for cacao nibs counts 601 cal per 100 g. When eating raw cacao the flavour is so concentrated that only a tablespoon of nibs will stimulate your taste buds.

I have tried three of the products from The Raw Chocolate Company, the raw chocolate covered gojiberries and raisins and the raw chocolate nibs. I am not that crazy about the gojiberries but the sweet taste of raisins and the chocolatey note go really well together. However, in DK the products are quite expensive, so I keep buying the raw cacao nibs and use them as a healthy snack mixed with nuts and raisins I buy on the side, when baking homemade protein bars and they are also delicious sprinkled on my fruit cup, ice cream etc.

Conclusion – I can’t commit to the raw food movement but count me in on the raw cacao movement!