Give love every day – not just because it’s #Valentine’s day!

World of love

Just a little note in the name of Valentine’s day. Of course, it is wonderful that people all around the world celebrate and cheer Valentine’s day with their loved ones. But on the other hand, love should be a something you give or receive every day – all year! Even if you are single…like me! By that I don’t mean that you should buy or get flowers, chocolate or gifts every day. But give a little love every day to people you either know, want to get to know or don’t know!! A little love can be disguised in a smile, a helping hand to the old lady who lives in your building, tell your best friend that you are happy that he or she is in your life, let the guy in the park know that you think his dog is cute – whatever! Just do something else that will make another person smile. I promise you that it will also make you smile, even more. Remember the unexpected gift of love is always better than commercial love!

Spread love and the world is fabulous
– happy Valentine’s day!